Sunday, January 6, 2013

Play on Target, a RPG podcast, is Live

Since June 2012, a group of friends from RPGGeek (, like rpgs? check it out!) and myself started recording a podcast we decided to call Play on Target. It focuses on tabletop role playing games. Each episode focuses on one topic, although we have recently decided to implement a short segment in each episode devoted to talking about a particular game.

Our first episode is now live on our site ( and in it we discuss Play by Forum role playing. As the topic ties in quite well with an event going on at RPG Geek (introducing those new to role playing to the hobby via PbF), we decided to post the first episode early. Technically our "grand opening" will be January 15th and new episodes will post every other Tuesday.

I, of course, am not the sole host of Play on Target, nor am I the "primary." We have opted to take a more round robin approach to being the main host, switching it up each time. We feel that it's proving to be successful and initial feedback on the first episode seems to be supporting this. My fellow co-hosts are RPGGeek regulars +Lowell Francis+Samuel Dillon and +Brian Cooksey. While we all met on RPGG and we will often be referring to that site, we are not the "official" podcast of RPGG.

On a different topic, I've just finished reading through my Fate Core kickstarter PDF and am currently making my way through it a second time as I prepare to take up GM duties on G+ for the first time. I'll be using this experience to get to work on my first Fate Core project, which I'll have more specifics about in a future post.

Lastly, I have submitted my first review to RPG Geek's 2013 Iron Reviewer contest. High Octane Excitement for Manly Men! (Iron Reviewer 2013 #1) is a review of an action movie-based game called Extreme Vengeance. If you're interested in a fun, fast-paced pickup game full of violence and crazy stunts, I highly recommend you read it and track down a copy of the game if you can. Now through July I will be posting a new review every two weeks. A secondary goal for myself will be turning each of these into a video review that will go up on the GeekWorld Online YouTube channel, so if you're a subscriber there, keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time when I talk a bit about my plans to turn Time Heroes into a Fate Core game, keep your geek on.

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